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1-6x24 DDoptics Driven Hunt Riflescope V6 HDX Gen. III Crosshair reticle

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V6 HDX - The push hunt specialist of DDoptics 1-6x24 / V6 HDX with Crosshair reticle

The new 3rd generation
Like all 3rd Genration target optics, the 1-6x24 V6 HDX also has these features. In addition to improved optics (better coating, CT glass, less centering errors and higher light transmission), these are above all the new metal towers with a hard 0.1 MRAD click adjustment including the Zerostop, the newly developed Corsshair reticle and an optimized and improved design.

Ultra-wide field of view
The DDoptics target optics 1-6x24 V6 HDX leaves little to be desired, which puts the demanding hunter on a modern drive hunting target optics. With a compact overall length of 261mm, a weight of 500g and a tube diameter of 30mm, the target optics are handy and fit on any rifle. This target optics is equipped with an extremely wide field of view from 37.8 m to 100 m. The drive hunting riflescope corresponds to a red-dot reticle in the lowest magnification level, thus ensuring one of the most important points in motor-driven hunts, namely rapid target acquisition. The new Crosshair reticle was specially developed for the driven hunt.

Large zoom, stately exit pupil
Thanks to its 6x zoom range, the 1-6x24 V6 HDX can also take shots at longer distances. For example, when the game moves far ahead of the hunters or hopes. An additional guarantee for a quick and safe stop is the large exit pupil (12,0-4,06 mm). This gives the hunter his goal faster and faster in both eyes before the decisive split second.

Bright spot in reticle
The new Crosshair reticle remains the same size when magnification changes (2nd image plane) and is equipped with a fine and reflex-free red fiber optic luminaire, which can be dimmed precisely and infinitely. The luminous dot unit is user friendly mounted on the eyepiece. The fiber optic technology ensures that side and crossfade effects are excluded. When the luminous point is activated, this does not disturb annoying overexposure or reflections. The reticle changes per click by 0.1 MRAD (1 cm to 100 m). The hard tactical click adjustment works absolutely repeatable. The change ring to increase / decrease the reticle on the eyepiece is grip-proof and non-slip.

total adjustment:
484 clicks
equals 48.4 MRAD
equals 24.2 MRAD per side

Technical specifications:
Weight: 535 g
Generation: III
Compensation: HDX III
Magnification: 1-6x
Lens diameter lens: 24 mm
Exit pupil Ø: 12 - 4,06 mm
Daemmerungszahl: 4,89 - 12
Field of view 100m: 37.8 - 6.3 m
Eye distance: 99 - 100 mm
Diopter compensation: -3 to +3
Reticle: Crosshair
Light Point II: Yes
Reticle image plane: 2nd image plane
Reticle adjustment / Click: 0.1 MRAD
Reticle adjustment (scaling): double
Max. Adjustment path: + -24.2 MRAD
Parallax compensation: none
Surface: fine black
Center tube Ø: 30 mm
ASV Zerostop: Yes
Lens Ø outside: 30 mm
Eyepiece Ø: 43 mm
Total length: 261 mm

1-6x24 DDoptics Driven Hunt Riflescope V6 HDX Gen. III
1x protective caps
1x battery CR2032

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